PointClickCare Troubleshooting | Solution To The Common Issues

PointClickCare is reliable healthcare management software, but it can develop occasional glitches just like any software. Thankfully, many issues can be easily fixed through troubleshooting; we will discuss most of these common issues that users might face while using PointClickCare and provide specific solutions to overcome them.

Login Problems

PointClickCare Login issue

Issue: At times, users might need assistance accessing their PointClickCare account due to forgotten passwords, registration, or issues with authentication.

Fix this issue: To resolve login problems, begin by selecting “Login” and then click on the “Forgot Password” option on the login page. This will allow you to reset your password safely. Check that your password and username are correctly entered as well, and consider utilizing password management software to save your login details securely.

Inaccurate Information about Patients

Issue: PointClickCare centers on patient data, as inaccurate or missing data may create issues for treatment plans and create barriers to care delivery.

Fix this issue: Double-check all data entered when entering patient records. If there are gaps, verify that all relevant fields are complete before filling them out. In case any mistakes arise, be sure to update them quickly to preserve patient confidentiality. Backup your data regularly to protect it and ensure its safety.

Website, App Slow

slow website

Issue: Poor performance can be extremely frustrating and lead to delays when retrieving patient data and performing tasks on schedule.

Fix this issue: Your slow performance of the website or app could be caused by issues with connectivity to the internet or network overload. To ensure a steady internet connection and reduce network load, clear out your browser cache for quicker loading times, and consult with the IT department or business help desk if the problem continues.

Messages Contains Errors

Issue: Error messages can often be confusing and disorienting, leaving users uncertain as to the cause.

Fix this issue: If point click care error codes message arises, make a note of its contents before taking pictures to document them. When searching online or consulting PointClickCare support tools for assistance, capture both types of errors. If you can’t locate what you need here, contact the PointClickCare Support Team with the details of your error message.

Problems occur while navigating the PointClickCare App, Site

Issue: PointClickCare can be difficult for new users to understand, so they may require assistance with learning its interface.

Fix this issue: Explore PointClickCare’s user guides and training resources, take advantage of any workshops provided by your company, and don’t be shy about seeking guidance from knowledgeable colleagues via its forum.

Not Compatible with your Browser

Browser compatibility issue

Issue: There may be users experiencing issues with browser compatibility who turn to PointClickCare as a solution.

Fix this issue: Verify that the browser you are using complies with PointClickCare recommendations and make sure it’s up-to-date – outdated browser versions may cause compatibility issues on your system. If the issue remains, contact IT support for assistance.

Personal Data Privacy Issue

Issue: Data security in healthcare is of great concern, and any breaches or worries could cause undue stress among patients.

Fix this issue: Use best practices to secure data, such as regularly changing passwords and following safe access protocols, as well as user education on protecting it. If you suspect there has been a security breach or encounter suspicious activity, immediately inform your IT security department.


To use PointClickCare in a different community, you will need to be a “Remote User.” Your security profile will determine your access rights; we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy.


Troubleshooting issues in PointClickCare may appear daunting at first, yet most issues can usually be solved using the appropriate approach and tools. Training regularly, staying informed on current practices, and reaching out to support channels when necessary are all essential steps toward having an enjoyable user experience with PointClickCare.

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