PointClickCare Forgot Password Step-by-Step Guide

PointClickCare Forgot Password: Errors such as forgetting passwords are all too easy because we are all human beings and we forget things easily, yet in an ever-evolving medical industry, access must be quickly granted to the PointClickCare account.

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This detailed guide will walk you through the steps to reset your password should this happen and enable you to continue doing your job without further interruptions.

How to Reset PointClickCare Forgot Password?

Your Pointclickcare password reset account serves as an access point to essential patient data and health management tools, making password management one of the key components of care management. Should you forget your password, however, this process of pointclickcare reset password can provide users with quick and secure access to their accounts.

Pointclickcare Reset Password Steps

  1. Your web browser should open, and then you should navigate directly to the PointClickCare Login page.
  2. Type the address provided by your healthcare provider into the address bar before pressing “Enter.”
  3. Once you arrive at your PointClickCare log-in page, look for “Forgot Password,” “Password Reset,” or any of its alternatives – usually situated between or next to where you enter usernames and passwords for login.
  4. You should see “Forgot Password” or something similar to initiate the password reset process. Clicking it will launch this process immediately.
  5. When visiting the page to reset your password, you’ll be asked for details about your PointClickCare account, such as its username or email address.
  6. Providing username and password details accurately ensures that the system can identify them accurately.
  7. PointClickCare may require that you complete an authentication check before resetting your password to increase security.
  8. Check mark CAPTCHA or answer a security-related question; simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete this test successfully.
  9. Once you have successfully passed the verification test, PointClickCare will send a password reset email directly to your registered email address.
  10. Keep an eye on your inbox regularly; if an email doesn’t arrive in time, it may have been misfiled in the junk/spam folder. Automatic messages could have been lost there, as some could have been blocked there by default.
  11. As soon as you receive an email from PointClickCare containing an option to reset your password, open and follow its link to begin the process of doing so.
  12. Clicking this link should take you directly to a secure page on which you can set a new password for your account.
  13. PointClickCare will prompt you to choose a password reset page, which will prompt you to select a strong, secure password for accessing your PointClickCare account.
  14. A strong password should include lowercase letters and numerals along with any characters, such as special symbols.
  15. Choose one that is unique but easy for others to identify! Choosing an original and memorable password will ensure a positive experience and increased productivity when accessing PointClickCare!
  16. Once you’ve selected a password, make sure it has been correctly entered by entering it again into an appropriate field.
  17. This step helps ensure no typos were made when creating it and ensures that everything works as expected.
  18. As soon as your new password has been chosen and set in place, it is vitally important that it be safely stored away.
  19. A password management tool may help by securely storing and managing login credentials for various online accounts.

If you have changed your password, this PointClickCare account page offers a way for you to log back in with your new credentials. Simply input both the username and email address (if applicable), as well as the new password. Afterward, click “Log In” or the “Log In” button; once validated, your PointClickCare account should open!


You can change your PointClickCare password by visiting your profile and then entering your username and password.

Yes, you can.


PointClickCare’s lost password feature has been designed with security and user friendliness in mind, offering quick and effortless recovery access back into your account swiftly for continued care and supervision. As mentioned above, these simple steps will allow you to quickly regain entry back into your account so you can continue providing quality healthcare supervision services to ensure continued provision.

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