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If you are a doctor or working in a healthcare department on PointClickCare and you want to keep a record of your patients, then you must register yourself on PointClickCare.

PointClickCare login

It is very easy to register on PointClickCare, and here in this article, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to register on PointClickCare.

How to Register on PointClickCare

Register on PointClickCare via Contact Sale

If you want to register on PointClickCare, then the first step is to contact the sales team at PointClickCare. The contact details of the sales team are shown on the official website of PointClickCare. After visiting PointClickCare, you will see a request demo option. Now you have to click on that option. A representative will guide you on how to register officially.

Choose Service

In the second step, you have to choose the service for which you want to register on the PointClickCare website because there are different types of services like healthcare settings, skilled nursing facilities, care, and various other services. While registering, you can choose your favorite service so that you can work with the click point care team.


In the third step, after you choose the services according to your profession, you will have to customize your package. It will help you earn money on the PointClickCare platform. There are various services like EHR, medication management, care planning, etc. You will provide and adjust all those services in your package.


After the customization of your package, you will have to sign a contract outlining the pricing and terms associated with the customization of your package. The sales team will review this contract, and if they have any questions regarding it, they can ask you before proceeding to the next step.


The next step is very simple because, after the review and contract verification, PointClickCare will provide you with the training and offer you support. This will help you use the interface of their tool and interface.

Ready to Go Live

After your training is done, your organization is ready to go live. This will help you manage the information of patients and the care process and improve any kind of healthcare for your patients. If you have any type of query in mind, you must ask that query to your staff.

Why PointClickCare Registration is Important?

Why PointClickCare is Important

PointClickCare is not just an app or a website; it is a game changer for the healthcare department. After registration at PointClickCare, they will help you access their tools and services so that you can enhance the care of patients, improve medication, and comply with the regulations of healthcare.

Make Healthcare Smoother

There are so many advantages to PointClickCare. With the help of PointClickCare, you can make your healthcare department smoother. Registration at PointClickCare will help your patient analyze their data smoothly without facing any burden on their app or website.

Improve Patient Care

The main aim of designing PointClickCare is to improve patient care. After registration with PointClickCare, you will have all the access you need to create personalized care for your patients and access real-time data.


Privacy is the most important thing in almost every field. After the registration with PointClickCare, the data of your patients is always stored on a private server so that only PointClickCare can access that data, and there is no access for anyone else to visit others’ data.


The main purpose of PointClickCare is to enhance patient care with advanced healthcare technology.

Yes, PointClickCare is very easy to use, either through their app or website.


PointClickCare registration helps to achieve various boundaries in the healthcare department. It will help you to enhance the data of your patients, improve efficiency, maintain the data of your patient, and comply with the rules and regulations of your industry. You will gain various types of advantages after registering at PointClickCare.

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