How to Create PointClickCare Reports of Patients

Do you want to create a report of patients at Pointclickcare? If that is the case, this article will guide you through creating efficient and comprehensive pointclickcare custom reports.

We will explore why healthcare institutions should use an encrypted platform like Pointclickcare for creating reports.

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Understanding the fundamental concepts of incident reporting within Pointclickcare allows your business to comply with regulatory requirements while keeping sensitive data secure.

So, stay here and read the complete article regarding how to do an incident report on pointclickcare.

How to do an incident report on Pointclickcare?

If you want to create a report, then follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Pointclickcare.
  2. Click on the login button.
  3. Enter your details and get login there.
  4. Now, directly click on the Reports Tab on the top menu bar.
  5. Select ” Incident Report ” from the available reports.
  6. Select an account name such as “Fall Incident” or “Medication Error.”
  7. Enter information such as date and time as well as any other important details.
  8. Click save to create your report and store it safely using Pointclickcare’s cloud platform.

If you wish to edit or add additional information in the future, the report can be opened and any necessary modifications can be made according to your requirements.

Why you need Pointclickcare incident report

Pointclickcare’s reporting incidents feature is crucial for hospitals as it allows confidential patient data to be safely stored on cloud platforms, protecting it from any unauthorized access and breach.

In industries like healthcare where patient confidentiality must be preserved, such as this feature provides peace of mind that data will not be compromised or stolen by outsiders.

Reporting an incident using Pointclickcare is quick and simple. Simply log in, choose “Incident Report” from the drop-down menu of available data fields, complete all required fields, and then securely save your report via Pointclickcare’s cloud platform.

An integrated information management system makes the tracking of incidents more efficient over time and helps identify patterns or trends that could improve safety procedures and practices.


Q. Can I create a report on PointClickCare?

Yes, you can create a report according to your needs on PointClickCare.

Q. How do I run a report in PointClickCare?

For any report to run in the Report Library, select it first from within the Library. Once selected, add search parameters and generate. PCC EHR will remember and retain these criteria while working through your report.

Q. Where would you run a report for daily appointments in the EHR?

If you need to provide reports on appointments, take advantage of PCC EHR’s Appointment Reports section in its report library. Select from one of the reports generated by PCC or create your own custom report using one of those under “Appointments Report”.

Q. What kind of data is stored in EHR?

Ans. EHRs include many patient-specific variables in their database, such as diagnosis, demographics, problem lists, medication vital signs, and lab data.


So, here in the above, we have provided you with the complete information regarding pointclickcare reports. We hope you like this article, but if you have any other queries related to pointclickcare incident reports, then ask us in the comment section.

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