PointClickCare Frequently Asked Questions

PointClickCare FAQs

PointClickCare FAQs: If you are new to PointClickCare or considering its implementation within your health facility, chances are there may be questions and/or uncertainties about its extensive health management system. In this article, we’ll answer ten frequently asked questions (FAQs) to gain a greater understanding of PointClickCare’s capabilities as well as its benefits.


PointClickCare is an industry-leading healthcare technology platform that enables meaningful collaboration and provides real-time access to patient health data throughout their health journey.

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PointClickCare’s electronic medication administration record (eMAR) is a complete management solution for medications and treatments accessible online to ensure real-time reliability and accuracy, as well as potential integration into pharmacies when available.

Yes, PointClickCare has a mobile app.

Yes, it is 100% legit and a wonderful company.

My Profile Settings pop-up menu provides an opportunity to change your password. In the pointclickcare password reset window, enter both your old and new passwords twice.

Pointclickcare password reset is very simple. Put in your PointClickCare username, and they will email you all the instructions on setting your password. However, this cannot be reset unless the institution enables password resets and you enter an email address that is unique and valid in your user profile.


PointClickCare is an incredibly flexible platform that is designed to ease the management of healthcare, improve healthcare for patients, and aid in different healthcare settings. The FAQs above provide information on the capabilities of this platform and its commitment to security, compliance, and improved communications.